8 Oaks Farm

8 Oaks Farm, in New Boston, TX is a naturally regenerative farm owned and operated by our family in northeast Texas. We specialize in a variety of products that would be typical of small farming in the past while incorporating the technology of the present. We naturally raise Beefmaster and Beefmaster cross bred cattle. We offer hydroponically grown vegetables, ground crop vegetables, microgreens, and homemade artisan breads and other assorted baked and pickled goods. We aim to provide a high quality local alternative for sourcing beef, hydroponic and ground vegetables, and homemade baked and canned goods to northeast Texan tables.

  • Cinnamon Apple Sweet Bread

    Our Cinnamon Apple Sweet Bread is made fresh each week with apples and cinnamon and pairs great with morning coffee or afternoon tea.

    Freezes well - so great to have on hand for unexpected guests.

  • Beef Ground Hamburger

    Our Beef Ground Hamburger - 90/10 is very lean (90/10) and excellent in chillies, soups, patties, meatballs, casseroles, etc.

    It is packaged in1-pound packages. Ideal for freezing and storing. Simple to pull out just the number of pounds you need to defrost, while leaving the rest in your freezer to stay preserved.

  • Pre-made Mixed Salad

    Our Salad - Premade Mixed Salad is composed of 2-3 types of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, microgreens, shaved carrot and mini peppers. The lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes are grown hydroponically on our farm and the microgreens are also grown here at 8 Oaks Farm.